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Site Currently in Beta

This site is currently under review and development and as such certain functionality and content matters are currently being resolved. The currently known issues and impact are as follows:

  1. Email functions do not work
    1. Limits password recovery for users who have forgotten their password.
    2. Users will not be able to receive automatic notifications on updates to the documentation.
  2. Some outdated verbiage
    1. The majority of the content in this site was finalized in July 2018, and has only seen minor edits since that time.
  3. BLS Review Currently Pending
    1. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is still reviewing the content of this site for accuracy and confidentiality purposes.
    2. Users should not share the URL with the public at this time.
  4. Discussion not Available
    1. We intend to open the Discussion and Talk pages for all users to provide feedback on the site, but limit the actual editing of the content to a small number of approved users. The discussion pages are currently protected along with the content.
    2. If a necessary edit is identified, please contact the EXPO team in Utah.
  5. SSL Certificate not installed
    1. Site cannot currently be served through a secure, https, connection.
    2. Some State IT departments may block the site.