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Wage File Creator File (ES2WFC)

ES2WFC - Length 233 - Revised 2/20/2018


LenKeyTypeCOBOL Field NameDescription & Notes
122 CharWFC-STATE-FIPSThe State FIPS code (e.g. Alabama = '01')
31210 CharWFC-ACCTAccount number portion of the SESA ID (or SWA ID)
13175 CharWFC-REPORTING-UNITReporting unit identifier of the account
13175R NumWFC-RUNRedefinition of the RUN field, as a numeric reporting unit field
18225 CharWFC-YEARQYear/quarter of data (yyyyq format)
23286 NumWFC-EMPLEmployment of the wage file, using the 999999 format
29346 NumWFC-EMPL-WITH-WAGESNot used by EXPO; the amount of employment accompanied by wages
35406 NumWFC-EMPL-NO-WAGESNot used by EXPO; the amount of employment that has zero wages (999999 format)
415212 NumWFC-TOTWWage-record wages; saved as total wages (999999999999 format)
536412 NumWFC-HIGHEST-WAGENot used by EXPO; highest-wages found for an employer
657612 NumWFC-SECOND-WAGENot used by EXPO; second-highest wages found for an employer
778812 NumWFC-THIRD-WAGENot used by EXPO; third highest wages found for an employer
89946 NumWFC-EMPL-LESS-1000Not used by EXPO; employment sum for under 1000 employment
951006 NumWFC-EMPL-GREATER-100000Not used by EXPO; employment sum for over 100,000 employment (very few)
10111212 NumWFC-SUM-WAGE-GREATER-25000Not used by EXPO; sum of wages exceeding $25,000 per account
11312412 NumWFC-MEAN-WAGENot used by EXPO; arithmetic mean of wages that were processed in this group
12513612 NumWFC-MEDIAN-WAGENot used by EXPO; arithmetic median for wages for companies in this group
1371381 CharWFC-WAGE-INDNot used by EXPO; indicator for wage data; set to a "Y", but unsure what it means
13814912 NumWFC-PERCENT-FIRSTNot used by EXPO; first percentile of wages, 99% of the wages exceed this value
15016112 NumWFC-PERCENT-FIFTHNot used by EXPO; fifth percentile of wages, 95% of the wages exceed this value
16217312 NumWFC-PERCENT-TENTHNot used by EXPO; tenth percentile of wages; 90% of the wages exceed this value
17418512 NumWFC-PERCENT-TWENTY-FIFTHNot used by EXPO; 25th percentile of wages; 75% of the wages exceed this value
18619712 NumWFC-PERCENT-SEVENTY-FIFTHNot used by EXPO; 75th percentile of wages; 25% of the wages exceed this value
19820912 NumWFC-PERCENT-NINETIETHNot used by EXPO; 90th percentile of wages; 10% of the wages exceed this value
21022112 NumWFC-PERCENT-NINETY-FIFTHNot used by EXPO; 95th percentile of wages; 5% of the wages exceed this value
22223312 NumWFC-PERCENT-NINETY-NINTHNot used by EXPO; 99th percentile of wages; 1% of the wages exceed this value

Wage File Creator File (optional)

Data Set Name:                   ES2.WAGE.SUMMARY.FILE

Service Center DSN:           YBUssX.A145.WAGE.SUMMARY.FILE, ('ss' = State FIPS code)

Type of File:                         Sequential

File Layout:                          ES2WFC

​This file is an alternative way to get at the Wage Summary File using the LEHD File that is produced at the U-I section; it is only needed for States that have no other way of obtaining the Wage Summary File from a Wage Data Temp File, which is processed by the 60D job. This file is processed by the 60S job instead, and would be brought in as part of the Wage File comparison load. All of these percentiles are interesting, but they have no part in the WRC and WRW fields that are entered into the Wage Summary File.​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​​

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