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Wage Summary File (ES2WAGE)

ES2WAGE - Length 70 - Revised 9/8/2006


LenKeyTypeCOBOL Field NameDescription & Notes
= = =  Header Record (for quarter identification)  = = = ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
11133 CharWAGEQ-QTRS(1)Newest Wage Summary data year/quarter data area
11133R CharWAGEQ-YRQ(1)Newest year/quarter identifier (yyq format), broken out below
11122R NumWAGEQ-YR(1)2-digit year portion of the year/quarter identifier – newest wage quarter
13131R NumWAGEQ-QTR(1)quarter number (1 through 4) portion of newest Wage Summary File year/qtr
14163 CharWAGEQ-QTRS(2)Second (next-to-newest) Wage Summary File quarter identifier area, with the same format as shown above for the newest year/quarter
17193 CharWAGEQ-QTRS(3)Third Wage Summary year/quarter area; two quarters before newest
20223 CharWAGEQ-QTRS(4)Fourth wage quarter identification area
23253 CharWAGEQ-QTRS(5)Fifth wage quarter identification area
26283 CharWAGEQ-QTRS(6)Sixth (oldest) wage quarter identification area
297042 CharFILLERspaces
​= = =  Standard Data Record  = = = ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
11010KeyNumWAGE-ACCTU-I account number, right-justified with leading zeroes
112010 CharWAGE-QUARTER-DATA(1)Most recent quarter's employment/wage data, sub-defined below
11144R PackWAGQ-EMPL(1)Wage record count for newest year/quarter (equivalent to employment total, 7 digits)
15206R PackWAGQ-TOTAL-WAGE(1)Wage record wages for newest year/quarter (equivalent to total wages, 11 digits)
213010 CharWAGE-QUARTER-DATA(2)Second most recent quarter's data in the same format as described above
314010 CharWAGE-QUARTER-DATA(3)Third most recent quarter's data
415010 CharWAGE-QUARTER-DATA(4)Fourth most recent quarter's data
516010 CharWAGE-QUARTER-DATA(5)Fifth most recent quarter's data
617010 CharWAGE-QUARTER-DATA(6)Oldest quarter's wage summary data

Wage Summary File (optional)

Data Set Name:                   WS.ES202.WAGE

Service Center DSN:           YBUssX.A145.WAGE, ('ss' = State FIPS code)

Type of File:                         VSAM indexed

File Layout:                          ES2WAGE

CICS ID:                               ES2WAGE (Standard); EssWAGE (Service Center; ss=State)

Utilization of the Wage Summary File is optional.  It is a collection of aggregated employee wage data, representing the summed employment and wage information for a single or master account on the Micro File.  As shown above, it contains six quarters of employment and wage figures.  These data are used by the Wage/Refiling ES2C screen, which provides a unique set of comparison data in the final cleanup phase of a quarter's processing.  A side-by-side display of Micro File employment and total wages with this file's corresponding employee record count and wage totals gives useful benchmarking information to the 202 analyst, since the wage record counts should approximate the maximum number of employees during the quarter, and the wage totals should be close to the Micro File's total wage value.

​Data for this file are added, one quarter at a time, in much the same manner as both Macro File processing (with quarter replacement from aggregated micro data), and Micro File batch updates (taken from IMT records).  The State's wage record file (which contains individual employee wage information, summed Statewide) is accessed by a State-specific program, ES2WA01, which aggregates a single quarter's individual employee wages and counts the number of employee records for each firm.  The summed data are written to a temporary wage file.  This quarter's data are merged into the Wage Summary File by Job ES2J060D, which can also shift the quarters of the file, rolling off the oldest quarter.  The Wage Summary File is then used to perform the wage data edits in Job ES2J061D, in which the data are compared to the corresponding information on the Micro File, using BLS-specified editing criteria.

The only other batch usage of Wage Summary File data occurs during the micro edits (Jobs 01D, 01Q, 02D, 02F, 28D, 28S, and 42D), which pass the wage record count and wage total data to the micro edit exception report if either the employment or wage fluctuation is flagged by the editing program.  This information will be passed only if non-zero values are found for this quarter of the Wage Summary File.

Wage data are generally made available about five months after a quarter has ended.  Since this is close to the due date for preparing the BLS deliverables, the Wage Summary File will usually only be useful for current quarter processing during the last few weeks of the 202 quarter cycle.  However, since there is an ongoing clean-up process for the prior quarter under the Mic-Mac regulations, this prior quarter can still be authenticated during a longer time span.  Still, because future quarter data will generally not be available until that quarter becomes current, only six quarters have been established in this file; so there is no one-to-one matching of the seven quarters of the Micro File.  It is assumed that the quarters to be used on the file will begin with the current quarter (2nd occurrence in the Micro File), and go back through all earlier quarters on the Micro File.  However, the quarters can be shifted so that the six quarters represent the future quarter and earlier.  This would only be useful if there were some wage record data available very early in the processing cycle.  This configuration also means that no Wage Summary data can be stored for the oldest quarter on the Micro File.  Since the file is optional, only States that have developed a wage data extraction program (ES2WA01) will have a use for this file. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

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