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03 - EXPO Development Team Profiles

Glen Read.jpg

Glen Read has been with the EXPO project since it began in 1988. For over 30 years, he has been specializing in editing and estimation methods. Glen has worked with many of the batch and CICS applications in EXPO. He has developed and maintained most of the system documentation, adding hyperlinks and other features for easier accessibility. Glen has also set up most of the data selection features of the 040D job, with the inclusion/ exclusion of a data value range, multiple single-position values, comparisons between two fields, with the addition of optional offsets (both absolute and percentage-based), and the development of a “linked-or” connector. He has also set up the file-or-delimited output in 040D as well as in 020D (micro based tallies) and 246D (macro based tallies). In the ES2H screen, he has set up the forced additivity (with Shift-F8 selected in the screen that includes the taxable wages and contributions fields. He has also set up the new scoring mechanism for anyone that chooses it in the ES2L screen. Both of these functions have not been approved by the BLS National Office.

Mark rock.jpg

Mark Rock has been with the EXPO team since 1996. In those nearly 25 years, his primary area of mainframe expertise has been in report formats, publications and other user-requested reports. One of his predominant achievements has been the development of complex processing in publication report production with the ES2U screen. He has also spearheaded the development of p-percent-based disclosure masking in several processes. During the QUEST phase, Mark had rigged up the PC version of the wage writer program to take the input from the LEHD format (produced by the UI department), and finding the potential predecessors and successors for the given individuals, and processing them in the QUEST system as a series of files that were input. With his quick wit and congenial temperament, Mark has been a favorite with the QCEW staffs of many states. His unrushed manner belies the fact that he can track down the solution to most problems in very short order. He has extensive experience with the ES2V, ES2X, and ES2F screens, as well as with micro selection and macro roll-up parameter processing.

Previously, we had included Rick Newman and Jim Hall in these personnel lists; both of these gentlemen have retired after many years of service. Jim had been our expert at forms processing and the refiling system; Rick had been most people’s first contact when they had a problem to report. The contract programming staff is currently turning over control to QUEST, as this will be a replacement for both EXPO and WIN systems. The QUEST system, is, however, slower than molasses flowing, and is being developed in the National Office with the help of Bill Yowler, Linda Unger and David Baggett. There will be no user help possible with the QUEST system, as well. Instead, the BLS user help will be relied upon to determine what can be done.

Mike sylvester.JPG

Mike Sylvester is our manager/supervisor and he has been a supervisor for the Projections Suite combined with the EXPO teams. Mike has many years of coding in FoxPro, .NET, etc., in the Projections Suite program, and has used this experience to team with Mark to produce the Wage Record editor. Mike has more than 35 years of experience. In fact, he met Glen when he first started working with EXPO.

The last document worker, Rick Bradford, had gotten the EXPO documentation all pieced together.

Brett judd.png

Brett Judd will be the back-up for Mark and Glen. He has primarily PC experience, but has knowledge of how to work with the EXPO system as well. He has a great deal of experience in Projections Suite project. His skill in COBOL and CICS leave something to be desired, but he is only going to be filling in when both Glen and Mark are absent, which should be fairly rare. Other than a couple of instances in late 2017 and early 2018, Glen or Mark has been around all of the time.

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